Vegas Weekend with Eva Longoria and the Boyz…

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This weekend I went to Los Angeles for Ernesto’s birthday, one of the bachelors from our upcoming show “Ready For Love.” I’m pretty sure the only people who had a better weekend than us were the Baltimore Ravens.

Starting out as a birthday event, turned into a whirlwind trip to LA, Vegas and back all in three days. Things started on a roll on Friday. We all had dinner plans set at the Fig and Olive and we were trying to decide what we want to do after. Our superstar producer Eva Longoria was shooting “Real Time with Bill Maher” (if you have HBO Go check out her episode) so the two of us were flying solo and ended up at  Supper Club .

Eva let us know she had “big plans” for us Saturday night so we picked up Tim along the way and headed off to VEGAS for the opening of her new club SHe By Morton’s The three of us. Ernesto, Tim Lopez, Eva and I (pictured below) hopped a plane on Saturday for a great night of fun.

Headed to Vegas

All smiles when you are winning

Eva set us all up with rooms at the Aria  and after we checked in, we hit the casino to roll our luck on the dice.  Things got a little out of hand at the blackjack table. I even posted this on Twitter after a hot streak.

Gambling is addicting. Should have stayed away, but of course I took my winnings and put them back on the table only to lose it all! Win some, lose some.

The lovely Eva

Then the big night was about to begin. Eva looked beautiful. As we all stepped on the red carpet and the paparazzi went crazy, I got a taste of what my life may become after the show starts to air. Boy, I need a tan!

 The night is a blur filled with amazing food and drink. The entertainment was incredible, complete with electric violinists and a trapeze act in the nightclub portion of the restaurant. SHE is definitely the new Vegas hotspot!

Woke up and it’s Superbowl Sunday. Didn’t think we’d have too much to do when we hear about a little shindig that Bill & Giuliana are having at their place back in Cali.

So we fly back to Cali and rendezvous at the Rancic’s place. Bill & Giuliana were doing a Chicago themed Superbowl party and Bill even had authentic deep-dish pizza flown in. Leave it to Ernesto and Tim to invent a new quick draw drinking game. Loser got thrown in the pool. Water was freezing! ( I guess you know who lost!)

Nothing but thanks and love to Eva, Bill & Giuliana  for an incredible weekend!

Ready For Love coming March 31!

Few more pics…

Tim “Quickdraw” Lopez
On the plane
Flying in style!
Thanks Eva!


Red carpet