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People often ask me how I manage to stay in the shape I’m in with my crazy work schedule.  I’m not an actor or model and don’t have a chef who makes my meals or a trainer who works me out everyday. I just found something that ensure my body and mind can function at it’s optimal level.

A couple years ago I was struggling with sleep.  I couldn’t fall asleep, I couldn’t stay asleep and then during the day I was miserably tired.  I tried a number of sleeping medications but nothing worked long term or they left me with a fog in the morning.  Eventually my doc said it would be worthwhile to check my hormone levels.  I was dubious but he said that the stress of modern life can leave young people with a hormone profile similar to a person in their 60s After my hormone panel was run, we were both shocked.
Although I was a fit 30 yr old without any family history of health problems, my adrenal gland was completely exhausted, my testosterone was miserably low (200s) and my other levels were way outside the normal level for a guy my age.  This was definitely causing my sleeping issues but was also the culprit behind my other symptom – a feeling being mentally spent by the end of the day.
Your hormones have more of an impact on your body than either diet or exercise.  I learned what my levels were and then found solutions to improve them.  I’m walking proof that hormone testing and supplementation through Adonis Scientific works.  The best part is the convenience.  Call or email Adonis Scientific and within 24 hrs you’ll have a kit sent to your house which you can easily do at home and send it.  Then they upload all your info into an easy to use app that allows you to see your hormone levels on a smartphone and watch how they change during treatment.  It really is the best hormone treatment program I’ve seen out there.


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I have been buying and wearing suits long enough to have learned a thing or two.  Five to ten years ago it was prohibitively expensive for the average guy to get a custom tailored suit.  We live in a different world now; with everything becoming more accessible the average guy can get a tailored suit made by the same people who make suits for the designers at a fraction of the price.  You’re essentially cutting out the profit the designer’s make.  I pretty much only get tailored suits now because I can buy them for the same price as off the rack and the fit is much better.

There are a few companies out there which do this and the one that I have been using lately is called Knot Standard (  Knot Standard has this measurement sheet that you fill out and send back to them.  Then they use it to have the suit cut and made.  They have a number of great fabrics, liners, etc. and can customize it any way you want.  Suits cost between $450 and $600 and they will cover any alterations you may need once it arrives. All your measurements are stored on file and the fabric is all laser cut so any future suits you buy will perfectly match the first one you received.  For guys looking for a new suit or some tailored shirts, I definitely recommend you try Knot Standard.


These days everyone has a smartphone so it’s worthwhile to make the most of it with useful apps.  There are a few Apps which I use quit a bit.  They actually bring more value to my life than distraction (rarity these days).

Audible: I commute about an hour to/from work each day.  To make better use of my time I listen to audio books in the car.  I enjoy reading/learning but sometimes its very hard to make enough time to read as much as I’d like.  With Audible ( I’m able to get new books cheaper than paying the price on iTunes bookstore and can get through one just about every 2 weeks.

Any.Do: This app is a  “To Do List” app that just runs beautifully.  I like it way better than the standard iPhone reminder’s app.  If you need to make daily reminders then definitely give this a shot.  I find that making To Do lists each day increases my productivity throughout the day because I don’t forget as many things and it also prevents me from wasting time on distractions. (

LogYourRun: If you like running but aren’t necessarily hooked on Nike+, then this is a great.  It logs your runs no matter where you go using GPS.  It gives you all the info you want like distance, average time per mile, etc. and stores it online so you can see how your time and distance is improving and also save the jogging routes you enjoy the best to a GPS map. (

Genius Scan: I’m often traveling and sometimes need to sign and fax documents to people. That is difficult when you’re in and out of hotels and there isn’t always a business center but with Genius Scan ( can take a picture of any document with your phone and convert it to a PDF or JPEG for emailing.  It’s great when I have to sign and send things back to the office – basically utilizes my iPhone camera as a scanner.

Home Goods:

I’m a big fan of my Blend-Tec blender (  It is super easy to clean and sometimes when I’m running late in the morning I’ll just make a blend and take it in the car with me.  This is a double bonus because it saves me time and I have way more energy in the morning because my body doesn’t have to expend energy to break down my food.  Ever hear people talk about a “food coma?”  There is science to it. Our bodies expend a great deal of energy in breaking down our food.  If you have a blend for a meal your body can absorb the nutrition without requiring much energy and you’ll notice a big boost in energy that you normally don’t get.  I feel this way in the mornings from my morning blends for sure.


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