Ben Patton is an enterprising force in real estate, shipping and finance, and is counted among the world’s most successful men and entrepreneurs under the age of 35. Born in Texas with an international upbringing in the Middle East, Ben (who is half-Persian, half-American, and from Irish Descent) enjoyed a globally enriched childhood.  He excelled in both education and sports, achieving two-time Academic All American and captain of his football team. He graduated from the Ivy League’s prestigious University of Pennsylvania, where he studied at Wharton and earned degrees in both Systems Engineering and Economics.

Ben has achieved an incredible amount of professional and personal accomplishments, and shows no sign of stopping. A firm believer in the “Build Your Own Ladder” approach to overcoming limitations to attain progressive rungs of success, he began his career as a CMBS Analyst at Bear Sterns in New York City where he underwrote real estate acquisitions in excess of $2 billion.  Shortly after, Ross Perot’s private equity firm, Hillwood Capital, tapped him to manage the unprecedented development of Dallas’ Victory Park, which revolutionized the city’s landscape and culture.  The project was the largest consolidated urban development in Dallas and included hotels, condominiums, residential apartments, retail, restaurant, museums and entertainment real estate.

At the age of 24, Ben took the entrepreneurial plunge with his brother Matt to collaborate on the development and sales of residential apartment buildings in Texas. Ben identified land nearby the University of North Texas which was suitable for their project and would get zoning changes to allow for apartment development.  With his experience in banking Ben knew exactly how to underwrite these projects to secure financing and his brother would ensure they got built and leased up on time so they could sell them at a profit.   Once they conquered land, they turned their ambitions towards the sea and the dangerous world of shipping.  A severe shortage of vessels in the Persian Gulf along with robust development plans in the UAE presented a lucrative opportunity for Ben and his brother. The marine freight company, Triton Lines was born.Their ships mainly traded within the Indian Ocean and UAE; their primary cargo was construction materials which were in high demand in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq.   They were confident they could acquire vessels in the Far East and re-class them to meet the needs in the UAE.  Shrewd business sense and perseverance to overcome challenges empowered them to build the company into a multi-million dollar business navigating the most lucrative trade routes.

While developing Triton with his brother, Ben’s investment and business savvy caught the attention of Reem Investments, a sovereign wealth fund for the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. At just 28 years old, he was asked to join and became the youngest Investment Manager hired at the fund and oversaw a portfolio of 7 billion AED. Not wanting to leave his brother in the lurch, he successfully worked for both companies simultaneously working for Reem Investments during the day and Triton at night and on weekends.  Not the life for a young man looking to eventually come back to the US and have a family, he and his brother eventually sold Triton Line in 2010 and Ben left Reem shortly thereafter to return to the states.

At 31 Ben returned to Dallas to start his next venture – a work/life balance. He took meetings around town with his brother and eventually settled on purchasing a Pathology and Toxicology Lab based in Texas to develop and grow. He saw a growing need in the medical industry for personalized service, and support and went after this industry with a vengeance. Shortly thereafter he learned of a hospital’s need for a new CEO to help sustain and grow the business. Perfectly aligned with what his brother and he were currently doing with the lab, he took the position as CEO of Integrity Transitional Hospital in Dallas and has subsequently turned that hospital around. It was during that time at Integrity (where he still holds the position as CEO) that he was approached to find the “love of his life,” on Eva Longoria’s “Ready For Love.”

An Adventurist, Ben recently returned from hiking Machu Picchu and counts running with the bulls in Pamploma, rafting down the Nile, walking the Great Wall, skydiving over Palm Island, and exploring the Pyramids of Cairo among the many once-in-a-lifetime thrills that have made him the well-rounded, grounded and perceptive person he is today. He considers Ready For Love his next exciting quest.

He is also a big supporter of philanthropy. Past efforts include the construction of an orphanage in Uganda and donating proceeds of his business to the Dhaka Project, a charity that rescues children from Bangladesh slums with education, health care and food. Currently, he supports Team ASAP, an After School Athletics Program for inner city kids in Dallas that keeps the active and off the streets.

Television was an unexpected rung in Ben’s ladder – On March 31, 2013, he will appear as part of the cast of the highly anticipated reality series, “Ready for Love,” as one of three bachelors hand-selected for a televised nationwide matchmaking experience by executive producer and host, Eva Longoria.  His diverse professional achievements, adventurous spirit, tall, dark and handsome looks, and charming Southern demeanor made him a shoo-in.

Ben resides in Dallas, Texas.